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The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree removal is our most requested tree service, but trimming should be. Expertly trimmed trees not only amplify the appeal of your trees and landscape, but it likewise improved their health. Untrimmed trees over time unappealing, unhealthy, and at time unsafe. All trees should be trimmed every 4 – 6 years if you want to maintain their shape and healthy condition. 
With more mature trees, dead limbs can easily cause the tree to be unappealing, annoying (due to dead fall), and occasionally hazardous. Further, if tree limbs are touching your property this will likely invalidate your property insurance claim for tree damage to your house or business.  Call Hawaii Tree Service today for a free, no cost, estimate for trimming your trees.  We can be at your property often times within hours, or at most, a day and provide you with expert advice on how to enhance the beauty and health of your trees.  

Tree trimming is part science and art. The science aspect of tree trimming can be learned through study; on the other hand, to artistically trim trees is a skill based on years of hands-on experience. Over-trimming a tree doubtlessly invites health issues and creates a tree that appears abnormal. On the other hand, under-trimming a tree has no beneficial effect. The key with tree trimming is to re-shape it, cut out perished, harmed, or unhealthy limbs and branches while leaving the tree as if it was never trimmed. Tree trimming can definitely be a transformation to your trees and your greater landscape environment.

Every variety of tree should be trimmed slightly different based on a few factors, such as its natural shape; the style of growth; age; how it fits in the landscaping; and, its health and condition at the time the trimming is performed. During the trimming, our arborist will assess the health and condition of the tree and let you know what preventive or restoration efforts should be considered.  

Approximately 80% of all landscape trees could benefit from a trimming, or if trimming was recently performed, then an annual pruning. However, the majority of home and business owners ignore their trees altogether or until they require extensive restoration trimming  In order to stay safe and beautiful in your landscape, trimming a tree is a necessary process for all property owners. Further, untrimmed trees may likely cause issues in your landscape, such as too much shade on your lawn and/or plantings.  Regular trimming and pruning will not only prevent these issues but also enhance your overall landscape and home or business’s curb appeal.

Palm Tree Trimming Service

    When it comes to trimming trees, we adhere to the standards proffered by the Arbor Day Foundation. We use their prescribed techniques to trim trees in order to prevent limbs and branches from being over trimmed and cut to close to the main trunk of the tree. You can be assured, Hawaii Tree Service will never over trim your trees using this method. We will artfully and skillfully trim your trees so that they appear holistic, natural, and healthy.

    Hawaii Tree Service  tree trimming begins with a visitation to your residence or office to inspect the tree(s) to be trimmed. During this time we will assess the degree of the trimming required to re-shape the tree, returning it to its desired look.  As a part of this meeting, our arborist will go over our trimming methods and inquire if you have any special requirements such as unique trimming request, what to do with the wood, etc. Based on our meeting and assessment, we will give you a verbal price quote quickly followed up with an email providing a matching written quote. 

    If you agree with the quote, we will work with you to book a date/time which is convenient. In performing the work, we will always have one principle trimmer along with 2 to 4 ground-service crew members, depending on the size of the job, to clean up as limbs and branches are cut. We always cut larger branches to two-three foot sections for disposal or for your own use later. All of the smaller-sized branches are disposed of via our chipper positioned on the street (never in your yard).  We will leave your property in a totally pristine condition and with one or more skillfully trimmed trees.  

    Cost for Tree Trimming

    The cost to trim a tree depends on a few aspects of the tree.   While each tree is different, our tree trimming pricing is based on four criteria:

    • Size – the larger the tree, generally, the more expensive it will be to trim.  Larger trees require more labor and sometime equipment.  Cutting and safely lower large branches takes experience and time.  
    • Location – trees that are near property structures, such as buildings and power lines, take more time to trim as we have to be careful not to damage these nearby objects.  
    • Species – some tree species take a bit more time to trim safely due to their growth patterns.
    • Degree of Trimming – a severely overgrown tree will take more time to trim than a tree that has been regularly trimmed

    Overall, tree trimming prices will range from as little as $200 to over $1,000.  Call the tree service Hawaii trusts to provide professional and quality tree care.

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