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Tree Removal Hawaii

Our tree removal service is the most commonly requested offering we provide. This is also sometimes the most complex service we provide. Eliminating trees is really not very complicated, however, it does call for experience, skills, and equipment. Hawaii Tree Service has been removing trees in Oahu since 2003 – our company has taken down practically every single type of tree native to the Islands. There is no native tree that we cannot handle.  

Our tree removal services begin with a free on-site evaluation of the tree(s) to be removed from your property. During this time we can discuss if our heavy equipment can safely and securely access to the location(s) where the trees are to be removed or if you choose that we climb the tree – in either case, the cost will be the same. At the conclusion of your meeting, we will provide you with you a verbal price quote followed by a written one coming from our business office via email shortly after our meeting.  This written quote will describe the service, cost, and supply you with insurance coverage & license information about our policy and business. At the conclusion of our on-site visit, we can schedule the date/time to have the tree(s) removed.

Tree Removal Hawaii

On the day of your scheduled tree removal, a Hawaii Tree Service staff member will phone you to verify the time our workers will be onsite. We give our clients a one to two hour time of arrival window – we could be a little bit early or delayed as a result of ensuring our previous client is completely satisfied.

Our tree removal activity begins with the team supervisor appointing team members to numerous job: ground-service crew, clean-up, chipper, lead cuter, and branch cutter(s). When the work commences, our team will systematically take apart the tree starting off with the crown and working our way down the main trunk. We will get rid of the tree limb by limb, lowering each branch safely and securely to the ground where our team will further cut it into sections. We provide our clients an assurance to cut each branch or limb into 3-foot segments, making for simple transportation or splitting for firewood. We will carry on down from the crown until we are left with the main tree trunk in about an 8 to 12-foot portion. We finish the tree removal procedure by cutting this principal trunk off at a level ideal for grinding; or, we can definitely cut it to any level you indicate. During the course of this whole procedure, our ground-service crew will maintain the area devoid of tree limbs and other clutter.

When the tree has been cut down to simply the stump, you can additionally opt to have the stump dug up or ground. If you choose to have the stump ground, we will reduce it as close to the soil as feasible to better facilitate grinding. Based on your request, we will transport all of the wood away or we can pile somewhere on your property. 

    Feel free to contact us or for all your tree removal needs. Our company is licensed and insured for all the work that we do on your property.  

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