Whether it is for commercial or residential, tree care is important in Hawaii. Your trees add value to your home and if they don’t look presentable, they take away too much from the overall impact of your home. With this being said, a tree care company that will take care of your trees will be beneficial both for your tree and your property.

Our tree service is known for its good reputation and completing the job with efficiency and accuracy. Tree care has many different aspects and all of them hold significant roles in maintaining the health and appearance of your trees. Our services include tree planting, pruning, and trimming. We also offer stump removal and grinding services.

We are experts in each aspect of tree care so you can be confident that your tree will receive the proper attention it needs. Our goal in mind is to make your tree look healthy and to help it thrive as long as it could.  We are also proud that we are licensed and insured. Our many clients in Hawaii can attest to the kind of service we render. We dedicate ourselves in helping your tree grow healthy and strong and make you satisfied with the result.

We understand that tree care is crucial to maintain or restore the appearance of your trees. Although trees have a natural way to battle diseases and other natural calamities, they can use some help with the basic things. Basic inspection for diseases and infestation will go a long way in keeping your tree’s health in check. Also, when your tree is assessed for any health problems, you lower the risk of it affecting other trees around the area.

We can help your tree every step of its growth until it fully matures. We have the right equipment to make any difficult tasks easier. Handling big equipment is something that business and homeowners should not attempt to do because of the risks involved. It is best to ask for help from professionals like us to assist you with your tree care concerns.

Once we have planted your tree, they would need regular trimming as they grow. Trimming will enable new buds to grow by eliminating dead branches and limbs. This will maintain the beauty and health of your tree while keeping you and your property safe from damages caused by untrimmed trees. We know the art and science that is needed for a successful trimming and that is what we use with your trees.

It would also help if you would schedule annual tree spraying as this is an essential part of caring for your tree. Spraying will keep fungus and pests from infesting your trees that can cause the branches to die. Annual tree spraying gives your tree a fighting chance to survive the year and the years to come.

Pruning is also something that should not be ignored in tree care. Pruning is slightly different from trimming as it aims to keep the shape and proportion of the tree to keep it healthy. Trees that are not pruned can overgrow and will eventually cause hazard issues.