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Stump Grinding vs Removal

Hawaii Tree Service eliminates stumps one of two ways: grinding and physical removal bu digging it up. In grinding a stump, we utilize a stump grinder to grind the stump below the surface of the soil – getting rid of its appearance entirely. In stump removal, we use a small backhoe to dig up the stump and roots. Normally, only commercial developments remove stumps where they may interfere with some facet of building or development.  Removing a stump is costly than grinding and results in some damage to the surrounding area due to the excavation process.  

Stump grinding is the conventional way ninety percent of our client go when they choose to remove the appearance of a stump after tree removal. In these circumstances, we use one of our Vermeer stump grinders to grind the stump down to about a foot beneath the ground – down significantly enough to get rid of its appearance together with permitting grass or other plantings to be grown above it.

Each and every stump can differ in regards to its challenge to grind. This is actually due to the fact that different tree varieties, as well as the age of the stump itself, governs how challenging the stump will be to ground. A new hardwood stump are normally the most challenging to grind. Much older conifers are the fastest stumps to grind. The age of the stump may additionally determine difficulty as more recent stumps are even more resistant to grinding than older ones. And, certainly, the absolute size of the stump will certainly also be a variable. However, no matter the variety and age of the stump, Hawaii Tree Service can eliminate any type of stump with our state-of-the-art stump grinders.

Our Stump Grinding Process

Our method for grinding any stump, of any age and variety includes the following procedures:
Making use of a shovel and rake our staff clean the location around the stump of stones, rock as well as various other debris making the procedure much safer and efficient;

  • Assuming that the stump has not be reduced as low to the ground as practical, our team will utilize a power saw to reduce it down to a height much more convenient for our stump grinders;
  • At this point, we can bring the stump grinder right into place positioning it up to the stump exactly where the wood chips will best be collected; stationed above the stump 2 to 4 inches, our team will then bring down the grinder onto the stump initiating the grinding process;
  • We will swing the grinder from side to side over the stump up until we have ground it 10 to 12 inches beneath the ground;

    • Lastly, we will clean up the complete area of debris and wood chips, which in turn can additionally be utilized as mulch or compost. Our team can also, for an added cost, replant the location with grass seed or turf.

    This particular stump grinding procedure normally takes from between one and three hours, depending upon the nature of the stump in terms of variety, size, and age. Stump grinding is always dirty, however, Hawaii Tree Service goes the extra mile in taking preventative measures to limit the mess as well as thoroughly cleaning up what mess does happen. Inquire about our multi-stump savings if you have over one stump you want ground. We additionally give price cuts on the purchase of numerous tree care services, such as removal, trimming, and also stump grinding.

    Stump Grinding Pricing

    Stump grinding pricing will vary according to a few factors:

    1. Size- the larger the stump the more time consuming it will be to grind.
    2. Location – a more difficult to access tree stump will take a bit more time to grind
    3. Age – older stumps are not a dense as newer stumps, which is another factor in grinding time
    4. Species – hardwood stumps are denser than soft wood trees

    Tree stump grinding prices range from as little as $50 (for very small trees and shrubs) to $500 for the largest stump.

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