Hawaii Tree Service

Palm Trees are the Most Common Trees We Trim in Hawaii

The ideal time to trim palm trees is in the late summer months.  In the summers months, the palms are finished growing seeds, creating this the ideal period to trim them.  You will then have about 10 months to enjoy them before they likely need to be trimmed again.  

Most of our tree service clients have their palm trees trimmed annually.  Waiting for more than a year risks the seeds from falling out making a mess all around the tree.   Additionally, seeds on the ground are both a slipping damage as well as they can stain concrete.  It is critical to trim off all the seeds as soon as they are produced by the tree.  If left alone, they can create an unhealthy condition for the tree.   Tree growth will be direct towards the production of seeds taking nutrients away from other areas of the tree.  For example, the fronds will lose their bright color if the seeds are left to grow and can even being to die as plant energy is taken away from leaf development.  Trimming your palm trees in late summer will provide the maximum health benefit to your trees.  

How We Trim Palm Trees

Palm trees can be trimmed in a variety of ways.  Our most common method is to trim off all the dead branches and seeds.  Many of our clients like us to trim up to 85% of the branches leaving only about 4 or 5 at the top of the tree.   This trimming method does not hurt the trees at all.  Regardless if you prefer a full trim or something a bit less, Hawaii Tree Service can provide you with affordable professional palm tree trimming.  ​