Hawaii Tree Service

Lot & Land Clearing - Residential & Commercial

When it comes to trimming trees, we adhere to the standards proffered by the Arbor Day Foundation. We use their prescribed techniques to trim trees in order to prevent limbs and branches from being over trimmed and cut to close to the main trunk of the tree. You can be assured, Hawaii Tree Service will never over trim your trees using this method. We will artfully and skillfully trim your trees so that they appear holistic, natural, and healthy.

Hawaii Tree Service  tree trimming begins with a visitation to your residence or office to inspect the tree(s) to be trimmed. During this time we will assess the degree of the trimming required to re-shape the tree, returning it to its desired look.  As a part of this meeting, our arborist will go over our trimming methods and inquire if you have any special requirements such as unique trimming request, what to do with the wood, etc. Based on our meeting and assessment, we will give you a verbal price quote quickly followed up with an email providing a matching written quote. 

If you agree with the quote, we will work with you to book a date/time which is convenient. In performing the work, we will always have one principle trimmer along with 2 to 4 ground-service crew members, depending on the size of the job, to clean up as limbs and branches are cut. We always cut larger branches to two-three foot sections for disposal or for your own use later. All of the smaller-sized branches are disposed of via our chipper positioned on the street (never in your yard).  We will leave your property in a totally pristine condition and with one or more skillfully trimmed trees.  

Firewood for Sale

While firewood isn’t in huge demand on the island, for luaus or just rainy season fires at home, we offer year-round firewood.  Most often this is green wood you will have to split and age, however, we do occasionally have seasoned hardwood that is immediately able to be burned.  We offer it for delivery and pick-up, as well as we will, at your request, stack the wood in the location of your choice on your property.