Employing a Professional Tree Trimmer

Many home projects are perfect for DIY, such as small re-modeling efforts and landscaping; however, tree trimming, especially on large, mature trees is not an ideal project for do-it-yourself.   Any time both feet need to leave the ground, then the tree is too large for you to safely trim yourself.  Below are just a few of the good reasons you should hire Hawaii Tree Service the next time you need your large trees trimmed.

We Have Years of Experience in Tree Care

Hawaii Tree Service is highly experienced and educated in tree-related care,  We understand that the rainy/winter season is the best time to trim trees. The cooler temps prevent tree sap from running when branches are trimmed. This almost eliminates sap bleeding and the stress that trimming a tree can cause. Insects are normally not active in the winter season minimizing tree infection and damage.

Our tree service experts are certified and trained by some of the top tree care associations in the world, such as the International Society of Arborists and the Tree Care Industry Association.   These associations provide a litany of guidance and tree care information – something all of our team takes advantage of.

Efficient and Quick Service

Calling a professional tree trimmer ensures a rapid, effective and reliable process. Using our tree services, we use the best tools and equipment to get the job done right. We are also skilled in using bucket trucks, chainsaws, and wood chippers.

Our trimming services involve thinning tree limbs to help them stay clear of electrical lines and buildings as well as provide for more sunlight to penetrate the canopy. We also trim diseased, broken, or dead limbs.  Also, we provide emergency tree trimming, notably after strong winds. With 19 years of experience, not only do we finish our tree service jobs perfectly, but we ensure everything is approached with safety and quality in mind.

Safety for Your Family

Employing a tree service company in Hawaii is the smartest, safest option when you need tree care work. We inspect and maintain all our equipment before every project. We also take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the job site, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents to our crew members and to anyone around the job area. We always use the proper protective clothing and gear eliminate accidents and injury.

For safe and reliable tree trimming service, call us today at 808-201-6209. You can also complete our contact form to request a FREE tree service estimate.  We serve Honolulu and the entire island of Oahu.