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We are Hawaii’s most foremost tree care contractor servicing all of Oahu. We are a client service business that just so happens to be in the tree care industry. We are honored to be the tree service Hawaii businesses and homeowners have trusted since 2003. The next occasion you require tree care services, phone the experts at Hawaii Tree – we are insured, licensed, and reasonably priced.  

About Us

We are a local tree business of arborists and tree care experts with a consolidated 39 years of knowledge and expertise. Established in 2003, Hawaii Tree is family owned as well as operated, beginning with one vehicle and an old rusty chainsaw.  Now, we operate a fully staffed (14) and outfitted tree care business that was developed from the ground up. We approach each customer like it was a friend or member of our family, and we are privileged to be a proud community member in the Honolulu business environment. We are honored to provide a one hundred percent client satisfaction promise coupled with affordable professional care service prices.

We are a customer service business principally and a tree company second. Our team strongly believes it is client service which separates our business model from our competition.  We also believe we really don’t have any competitors that provide the quality tree care Hawaii residents expect. To do this, we will without delay return your telephone call or message if you can not immediately reach us. We will be timely in arriving at your business or home in proving you with a cost-free tree care estimate. Next, we will be prompt in arriving at your property to start your tree care project. Lastly, we will leave your home or business as we found it, with the exception of a tree care project well done. 

Tree Service Hawaii Trusts

We launched our business in order to offer premium tree care service at budget-friendly prices, together with offering the best client care in the business. In order to meet this lofty objective, we utilize some of the top knowledgeable and experienced tree professionals, with more than three decades of tree care expertise. Further, our staff is drug screened and background checked as well as required to sign a professional rules of conduct agreement.  Our management team has over a quarter of century of combined experience and has delivered tree care throughout all the Hawaiian Islands.  We believe we have not just one of the best staffs in Hawaii but throughout the entire Pacific Rim.​

We utilize the best tree equipment throughout the islands.  This equipment is the tools of our tree care trade. From our trucks, chainsaws, stump grinders, all of our gear is well maintained, and because of our great clients, well broken-in. With more extensive tree care jobs, we have the large-scale

    equipment to get the job done quickly and affordably.  With the advantage of this equipment, we have the ability to perform large-scale jobs more efficiently vs. most of our island competitors. Many of our customers prefer that we do not use our equipment on their landscape, we often perform the bulk of our tree care services using a climber in a harness. Moreover, there are many times when client’s property will not accommodate our equipment, so climbing a tree is the only way to go. We are one of the few tree businesses completely proficient at performing all of our services with just a climber, a few chainsaws, and ground crew.

    We recognize our local area customers have a number of alternatives when it comes tree care in Hawaii, to include those going door-to-door asking for your business. Please be careful, most of these “tree companies” are not licensed or insured – exposing you to legal and/or financial responsibility should one of their staff members incur an injury on your property. This is because most of these companies rarely supply their people with worker’s compensation.  As a result, this exposes their customers to monetary and legal risks. Our customers can be guaranteed our business is completely insured – providing a total disclosure of our policy documentation as well as license information during the time of estimate. Please be careful of shady tree businesses (no pun intended) going door-to-door selling, which rarely offer this or even an honest written quote.

    ​We support every type client: residential, business, real estate investment, and also large size residential/commercial property developments. We take satisfaction in our high-quality tree care, and our scalability to support these ranges of projects. Naturally, we perform at all these levels with reasonable, economical rates and a 100 percent complete satisfaction guarantee.

    Finally, we take great satisfaction in being one of the most professional Oahu tree care companies in the business. While it isn’t difficult, it does take consistency to phone you back immediately; show-up when we say we will; offer an honestly written quote right away after your request; stick to our meeting schedule, and stand-by our services 100 percent. We understand if we carry out these things, customers will respond and recommend our company to their family and friends. Please, next time you want top quality tree care, phone the company area locals have relied on since 2001.

    Listed below are concise summaries of our tree care offerings. We furnish more information about every service below in the Services menu on top of this web page.  Also, visit our Service Locations page to see all the Oahu areas we serve.

    Hawaii Tree Service Work
    Picture of a tree climber in a large palm tree trimming dead branches in Hawaii

    Tree Removal

    Trees have to be cut down for a multitude of factors. The reason may be as a result of injury, illness, a risk to property or even person, as well as just aesthetic appeals. Powerful violent storms commonly harm trees making them hazardous as well as unattractive. Illnesses, including canker decay, can trigger them to die or otherwise appear unhealthy as well as unattractive in a landscape. Overgrown or even ill-planted trees can easily cause landscape problems, like an excessive amount of shade preventing the growth of turf and other garden plantings. Additionally, please know that almost all homeowner’s insurance policies will certainly reject damage claims if the tree was actually overhanging and creating contact with your residence. We are experienced in eliminating trees safely and cost-effectively, regardless of what the factor for removal. We deliver tree removal Honolulu residents can count on.

    Eliminating a tree really isn’t very difficult, nevertheless, this does require knowledge, expertise, preparation, and competency if the tree is in an area challenging to gain access to and/or endangers surrounding buildings. No matter what the scenario, we can economically and properly take down your tree. The tree removal method begins in having one of our management staff come to your house or commercial location to examine the tree to be taken down. During this appointment, we will go over alternatives (might the tree be taken down without needing large equipment, access places, etc.) as well as present you with a verbal estimate. Shortly after the appointment, we will supply you with a written price estimate for the services to be conducted and our license & insurance details. Furthermore, our staff will work with you to book a time for the work to be performed as well as inquire if you wish to be home or not at the time of the execution of the tree removal work. As part of the price quote, our tree removal service consists of fully falling the tree, wood eliminated or stacked, limbs and branches got rid of and chipped, and a complete clean-up of your property around where the tree was taken down. Our team, which typically consist of a principal cutter in addition to 2 to 4 ground-service crew members which clean up the area where the tree was eliminated. Our chipper will be located nearest the tree but definitely on the road and will be utilized to get rid of small branches and other tree waste. It is simply our guarantee that when our people leave, the area around the eliminated tree will appear as if we were never there. Furthermore, most all of our tree removal projects can easily be done in 1 day or less (this doesn’t consist of stump grinding or removal – this will normally be booked a succeeding day).  Our company has been the tree removal Hawaii residents has trusted since 2003.

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    Tree Trimming

    Pay attention whenever you drive around, 90 percent or even more trees could use a professional trimming, or at a minimum a pruning. Practically nothing makes a tree appearance worse than being overgrown, having dead limbs and also unsightly in aesthetics. Trimming can dramatically enhance the visual appeal (and wellness) of almost all lawn trees. Indeed, many home and business owners disregard this reality. From storm damage and simple neglect, almost all trees can greatly benefit from a really good trimming.  We have honed the art as well as the science of tree trimming. Well managed trees in a garden can produce a considerable improvement in their entire visual appeal.  Tree trimming as well as pruning is largely overlooked in a lot of yards but can be an awesome creative technique to both increase the appeal of your home as well as contribute to the general wellness of your trees. We trim and prune trees having 3 aims:

    • To take out harmful, deceased, and otherwise unsightly limbs and branches;
    • To develop the general proportionality, especially if neglected and overgrown having the additional goal of recovering its natural appearance; and,
    • To utilize the trimming activity to ascertain the tree’s overall health, relative to illness and bugs.
    Similar to our tree removal methods, our system for trimming your trees is nearly the same. To start with, we will set up a visit to meet at your residence or company to examine the tree(s) to be trimmed back. Next, we will supply you with a verbal price quote for the services followed up with a written quote coupled with by our licensing and insurance coverage documentation. Finally, we will book a time to accomplish to services that is suitable for your family or company. During the performance of the job, we will frequently employ only one cutter using a safety belt to climb up and trim your tree. A ground team of 1 of 2 will eliminate trimmed limbs and branches to our chipper positioned at the curb. When the work is concluded, your tree(s) will be rejuvenated to their past appearance and be far healthier consequently. Of course, we will leave your home as we found it, less a few well-trimmed trees.

    Stump Grinding and Removal Services

    Stump extraction or grinding is the common subsequent step after tree removal. We offer both extraction and grinding options for stumps. Almost all stumps that are in lawns are eye sores and also detract from the general appeal of your lawn and planting. Even more substantially, tree stumps can possibly conceal a plethora of bugs, like beetles, termites, as well as ants – causing the stump and adjacent area to be threatening to your family members and family pets. Get in touch with us with regard to all of your stump removal and grinding requirements. We have the finest stump grinding machinery from Vermeer, which can easily deal with the biggest tree stumps. Additionally, we provide discount rates on every one of stump grinding services if bought in combination with tree removal. Nevertheless, irrespective if we cut down your tree or not, our staff would be pleased to serve you.​​​

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    Storm Tree Damage Services

    Storm and hurricane damage can cause quite a wreck as well as risk relative to your trees. Homeowners should generally not attempt to clean up large-scale tree damage because of potentially dangerous circumstances, including fallen high-voltage lines, structural damage to home/buildings, and simply the size of work involved.

    Hawaii Tree is on call 24×7 and 7 days a week the moment the islands are impacted by storm damage. We are quick to respond to these hazardous and possibly life-threatening conditions. Fallen and damaged trees require a professional tree care company to evaluate how best to safely clear away the tree damage coupled with affordable pricing. Often we will need to use equipment to clear away large trees or branches from homes and buildings, therefore once more these types of efforts are definitely not for the average homeowner.  

    Our teams provide this storm tree damage service around the clock so you can be guaranteed that your home or business will be made safe and clean once again, bringing it back to its former appeal.​

    Other Services

    We offer a variety of other services, to include lot clearing, tree cabling & bracing, tree planting, tree spraying, and firewood.  While these services are not as popular as tree removal, trimming ,and stump grinding, we are as competent and professional in delivering these services to our clients.   Our team of tree care specialists and certified arborists are experts in caring for your trees better than anyone of the islands.  We service both commercial and residential properties in the island of Oahu.  

    For more information about our tree care service, visit our Blog page – we offer information, tips, and suggestions on how to best care for you landscape trees.  

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